What is Tsechu?

Tsechu is a religious Bhutanese festival conducted annually in different temples, monasteries, dzongs (fortresses) across the country of Bhutan. Witnessing Tsechu is believed to wash away sins and bestow blessings. Annual tsechus are a visual treat as well as a grand affair for entire communities, who visit the monasteries in their best colorful outfits and enjoy delicious food, mask dances, Bhutanese traditional dances & socialise with each other. Tshechus are also the best times for photography enthusiasts to capture the unique, colorful displays of Bhutanese culture and traditions. 

Festivals in Bhutan are very colorful. Like the Oktoberfest in Germany, Holi Color Festival in India and Sydney Mardi Gras of Australia yet very different, the festivals in Bhutan is an amalgamation of century old dances and folklore from religious texts. The festival invites numerous households to showcase their best dresses and families are spotted with picnic lunches at the venue of the festivals. As a visitor, you will enjoy the different aspects of the festivals. One will experience the socio-cultural aspect of the communities, the religious and spiritual side of the events and above all, the impact of these beliefs in the everyday lives of the Bhutanese.

If you would like to experience a Tsechu event for yourself, contact Jambayangtours@gmail.com. To make it easier, we have put together a list of Tsechu events taking place in the country of Bhutan in 2016 below.

16th – 18th = Domkhar Tsechu

12th – 14th = Lhamoizingkha Tsechu
14th – 16th = Punakha Drubchen
15th – 17th = Trashiyangtse Tsechu
17th – 19th = Punakha Tsechu
21st- 25th = Tangsibi Mani Festival
22nd= Chorten Kora Festival
22nd= Tharpaling Thongdrol
23rd- 25th = Buli Mani
23rd= Nomad Festival

5th:Bhutan International Marathon
9th: Chorten Kora Festival
14th – 17th = Gasa Tsechu
15th – 19th = Tsirang Tsechu
16th – 18th = Talo Tsechu & Zhemgang Tsechu
17th – 18th = Gomphu Kora Festival
19th – 23rd = Paro Tsechu
29th = Peling Tsechu

13th – 16th = Yongpula Tsechu
16th – 18th = Domkhar Tsechu
18th – 23rd = Ura Yakchoe
18th – 20= Rhododendron Festival

22nd – 25th = Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition
26th – 27th = Pedselling Kuchod

12th – 16th = Sakteng Festival – Trashigang dzongkhang – altitude 3000 m.
12th – 15th = Nimalung Festival – Chumey, Bumthang
14th – 16th = Yongpu/Kholong Tshechu – around 400 years old – kanglung, Trashigang
15th = Kurjey Tsechu @ Kurjey Temple – Chokor valley, Bumthang
22 nd- 24 = Trelda Tsechu – Drametse, Mongar

5th – 6th = Haa Summer Festival

2nd – 3rd = Merak Tsechu
15th – 19th = Chha Festival
15th – 16th = Mushroom Festival (Genekha)
18th = Dobji Tsechu
22nd – 23rd = Masutake Mushroom Festival

3rd= Tour of the Dragon (Bicycle Race)- a 166.5-mile road race from Bumthang (Central Bhutan) to Thimphu (Western Bhutan).
9th – 11th = Khaling Tsechu


8th – 11th = Wangdiphodrang Tsechu
9th – 11th = Haa Tsechu
9th – 11th = Gangtey Tsechu
10th – 11th = Geling Tsechu
10th – 11th = Achi Lhamoi Tsechu
11th – 13th = Tamshing Phala Tsechu
11th – 13th = Thimphu Tsechu
14th – 17th = Tangbi Mani
22nd = Dechenphu Tsechu
25th – 26th = Jomolhari Mountain Festival

6th – 10 = Pema Gatshel Tsechu
6th – 9th = Mongar Tsechu
6th – 9th = Shingkhar Rabney
7th – 10th = Trashigang Tsechu
7th – 10th = Jakar Tsechu
7th – 9th = Chhukha Tsechu
11th = The Annual Black-necked crane Festival
14th – 17th = Jambay Lhakhang Festival
15th – 17th = Prakhar duchhoed
25th – 29th = Sumthrang Kanssoel

6th – 8th = Gelephu Tsechu
7th – 10th = Lhuntshe Tsechu
7th – 9th = Dungkar Tsechu
7th – 9th = Samtse Tsechu
8th – 10th = Trongsa Tsechu
8th – 9th = Tang Namkha Rabney
10th- 12th = Samdrup Jongkhar Tsechu
11th – 14th = Kangso Tsechu
11th – 13th = Dremetse Tsechu
12th – 16th = Chojam Rabney Festival
12th – 14th = Nabji Tsechu
12th – 14th = Korphu Tsechu
13th – 15th = Nalakhar Tsechu – held in Nga Lhakhang in Choekhor, Bumthang
13th= Dochula Druk Wangyel Festival
19th= Dagana Tsechu
24th – 29th = Pangkhar Choepa