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The above responses are general and may vary based on individual circumstances and booking details. We recommend reaching out to our team directly for personalized assistance.

Just send us an email at Jambayangtours@gmail.com. One of our representatives will get back to you and offer you a free consultation. During the consultation, we like to hear of your interests, your time schedule & your preferences. With this information, our travel specialists design your very own customised tour itinerary. Rest assured, we take our time with attention to detail, in order to provide you with the best service possible.

The Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) allows Jambayang Travel Service to apply for your Bhutanese visa, once your tour package is confirmed and your tour package cost payment is remitted to TCB. We understand your concerns and have thus, compiled a page discussing the visa process. For more details, please refer to our VISA INFO. page. Please note: Bhutan visa must be applied by a licensed travel agency like Jambayang Travel Service.

Here at Jambayang, we understand your concerns. Travelling to a new foreign destination can be a fun, adventurous, action packed journey, but if unprepared, can also be full of surprises! To guide our customers, we have prepared some vital information on Bhutan travel, with regards to clothing, food, health, shopping, photography etc. which can be accessed by clicking on the following:

Rest assured, if you need additional information, Jambayang Bhutan Travel Service, is here to answer all your queries & to provide you with an enriching experience. We want to make your Bhutan trip a memorable one.

Yes, according to the Bhutan Tobacco Control Rules and Regulations, 2011, a person may import tobacco products for personal consumption, in the following quantity (one at a time), per month:

200 sticks of cigarettes OR 30 pieces of cigar OR 150 grams of other tobacco product. Please note: A 100% sales tax (if imported from India) is charged. A 100% sales tax plus 100% customs duty (applicable to import from countries other than India) is charged. Travellers should declare their items to customs on arrival.

A cancellation fee will be charged if payment for your upcoming trip has already been remitted. Please note: There is no fee for consultation.