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Many of our past guests have expressed to us the limited amount of reliable travel information available online, thus, we have compiled a whole section, starting from this page, detailing the travel visa process. We want you to know that Jambayang Travel Service and our travel partner, Jambayang resort, are well reputed establishments, functioning in the service industry for more than fifteen years. Our travel specialists are here to answer your queries and to make sure you enjoy your visit to Bhutan to the fullest.

Step 1.

Browse through our website! Here at Jambayangtravel.com, we have assembled a complete list of upcoming, popular, events in the country, which can be viewed on the 2016 Popular Events in Bhutan page. Our website also contains pre-designed popular itineraries for your reference. After you have selected your travel dates and events of interest, the first step is to contact us at Jambayangtours@gmail.com . We look forward to hearing from you! Please note, if you wish to visit Bhutan for a special reason (perhaps a quiet getaway? a spiritual holiday?) whatever the reason, let us know! We respect your privacy and enjoy working with our guests and take pride in designing their travel itinerary, suited as per your needs and budget.

We would also like to divert your attention and tempt you with a short article on CNN.com on 5 reasons Bhutan is worth the US$250 daily fee

Step 2.

After your itinerary and travel dates have been confirmed, we will need to process your visa. Visa is required for all visitors traveling to Bhutan, except visitors from India, Bangladesh and Maldives, who can obtain visa at the port of entry.

In order to process the visa, the total cost of the tour plus the USD $40 visa fee must be wire-transferred and deposited into the bank account of the Tourism Council of Bhutan (The Tourism Regularity Authority of Bhutan). 

The money you transfer is safely deposited in the bank account  of the Tourism Council of Bhutan (The Tourism Regularity Authority of Bhutan). They make sure the minimum tariff amount of US $ 250/day (peak season) and US $ 200/day (off season) is received as per the laws of Bhutan to maintain “High Value, Low Impact” of the tourism sector on the country.

Only when the tourist happily/successfully leaves the country, the amount transferred is deposited into the Tour Operators Account and in this case, we will only be receiving the money transferred by you  when your tour is completed and upon your departure.

Step 3.

Download the visa application form here: Bhutan VISA. After completing the visa form, along with a picture of the photo-page of your passport, please email it to us at Jambayangtours@gmail.com.

Step 4.

We now have:
1. The filled VISA Form
2. Your passport copy
3. The Bank Transfer Details (The money transferred in the account of TCB)

As a licensed Bhutanese tour operator, Jambayang Travel Service is now allowed to process your VISA through an online VISA system.

Step 5.

Once we receive your visa clearance document issued by Department of Immigration, Ministry of Home & Cultural Affairs, Royal Government of Bhutan, we will email you the copy. The visa clearance is usually processed within 72 hours.

Please note: There are only two airlines operating in the country; Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines and there is only one international airport in Bhutan. Jambayang Travel Service will make your flight arrangements for you. You will need to produce this visa clearance copy at the time of flight check-in.

Entry / Exit to Bhutan is also possible via road, through Phuentsholing, the southern Bhutan frontier town. Bagdogra airport, in the state of West Bengal (India)  is the nearest airport about 5 hours drive from Phuentsholing. Badrapur (about 5 hours drive from Phuentsholing) and Birat Nagar (about 7 hours drive from Phuentsholing) are two other airports in Nepal, connected with regular flights from Kathmandu. For visitors entering Bhutan by road (via Phuentsholing), the visa clearance copy must be submitted at the Immigration counter. Tourists entering Bhutan via Phuentsholing also need to carry two copies of passport size photograph which must be submitted to our representative on arrival.

The actual visa is stamped on the passport, at arrival in Bhutan.

Step. 6

You are here in Bhutan! We understand any concerns you might have about your visa process and we assure you, our travel professionals will be with you every step of the way.

Tashi Delek.

Kyichu Lhakhang temple in Paro district Bhutan
Cantilevered Bridge, Trongsa, Bhutan.