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Our professionals will work with you to prepare your perfect itinerary to Bhutan.

Itinerary Information

Here at Jambayang, we have compiled a complete list of popular events taking place in the country with the corresponding dates which can be viewed at Calendar of events.  These events can be your starting point when considering your travel dates. Once you have circled in on the events of interest, our professionals will work with you to prepare your perfect itinerary to Bhutan. Due to popular demand, we have also posted some of our own preset festival itineraries on our website (viewed below) for your reference.

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It is amazing how different places have different cultures or one could even say different cultures make different places and Bhutan is no exception. With a self-imposed isolation up to the late 1960s and being nestled in the higher Himalayas, the Bhutanese formed a culture with its own identity. Though small, Bhutan is divided into 20 districts (states) which bear their own identity and a tour to any one of the communities is always exciting. Understanding the daily lives of the communities and also their essence of life makes one ponder deeper about life.

Visiting communities and understanding cultures makes individuals appreciate the simple pleasures of life and makes us walk through the idea/concept of Gross National Happiness.  The National development paradigm of Gross National Happiness which puts in perspective that not just material well being should benchmark the development phase of the country, rather the happiness state of the citizens, be the corner stone of development.

We hope you will explore our cultural & festival tours and immerse yourself into everything Bhutan offers.

Whatever the reason you wish to visit Bhutan, a quiet getaway, visit remote locales, horse riding, trekking, a spiritual holiday – let us know!